How do we transform your ordinary space into a luxurious living area like this?

It’s a process we’ve mastered for the last 30 years and it’s one we take a lot of pride in.

At KBF by Audi Contractors, we understand that every home is different and every homeowner has a vision. It’s our job to listen to that vision and deliver a smooth and pleasant experience with our talented designers, project managers and rest of our expert contractors.

From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way.

Our 6-step dream home process

Phase One: Estimate/Initial Consultation

We begin our estimate process with a “get to know our client” info package which allows you to showcase your current space. We’ll need you to fill out an estimate form with all the basic information for your home and project and include pictures and rough measurements of your space. We’ll then meet for a design consultation where you’ll have the chance to tour one of our design centers and discuss the preliminary ideas for your project. We’ll discuss the layout -- which we’ll walk through on our 3D design software -- the budget, and the products that will be included in the initial proposal package. At this meeting we’ll also explain the next steps in both our sales and construction processes. If you’re on board, we’ll take a $50 retainer to go out to your home and take official measurements of your space. The $50 retainer will go back towards the construction cost, if you choose to sign with us. After we’ve taken measurements, an initial allowance will be sent out and you’ll come back to do a formal proposal presentation with a designer.

Phase Two: Preliminary Proposals

From the information gathered during our consultation, we will develop an initial proposal package for the entire project. The 4-part proposal package will include the following:

  • Product Allowance Proposal – Provides an allowance for every product you will need to complete your project. The allowance is an average of what our clients spent on that product for the given year. All of our allowances are realistic numbers, not just some low-ball to get you through the door.
  • Construction Estimate Proposal – The portion covers everything from permits to demolition to completing the entire labor portion of the project, exactly the way it was designed.
  • Initial Payment Schedule – The payment schedule takes the product allowance and construction estimate and combines them to give you an out the door price of your project broken down for you into our payment phases.
  • We will also send you a couple quick sketches of what we are proposing for the space.

Phase Three: Design & Product Selection Phase

Once you have decided to move forward with us, we will enter our two-part design & product selection phase. For this phase, we require a design retainer, which is 2% of the initial total cost of the estimate. Once you sign the project, we will refund 1% of the retainer towards the products and the other 1% will stay as the design retainer for the project.

  • Design: During this phase, you will meet your designer at one of our design centers and do a complete design of the project. At the design table, you get a monitor and we get a monitor, from there we walk you through the entire space on our state of the art design software. With your input and our expertise, we finalize a complete design for your project. When the design in 100% complete, we will move onto the product selection phase.
  • Product Selection: During this phase your designer will help select every product that will go into the project. The designer will go through our complete checklist of products and will show you different options and price points for every product in your space. Your designer will ensure the products are what you envisioned to make the project come to life.

Phase Four: Final Proposal Sign Off

With the design complete and all of your selections made, it’s time to finalize the proposals and sign off on the project. During sign offs, we will sit down and ensure that every aspect of your project in correct and ready to go. We will sign off on all the updated proposals, the payment schedule and all the drawings necessary to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Phase Five: Pre-Construction and Permits

During the pre-construction phase, our project coordinator will send your pre-construction walkthrough date and you project start date, as well as your assigned project manager. We will do a pre-construction walkthrough meeting at your home 1-2 weeks prior to your start date. At this meeting, your designer will introduce you to your dedicated project manager, and together, you will review the plan and job schedule for your project. The project manager will also go through a checklist that address items specific to your project as well as any considerations specific to your home and your family.

Phase Six: During Construction

During construction, your dedicated project manager and our Audi field team will complete your project following our online scheduling portal. Your project manager will be your day-to-day contact person for the field and scheduling questions, however your designer will always remain hands-on throughout construction to ensure the project turns out the way that it was designed. Your construction team will take the utmost care of your home, including cleaning the work area at the end of each day and doing a final professional cleaning when the job is complete.


Don’t worry, once the project is complete we’re not going anywhere! With our industry leading 2-year workmanship and 10-year product warranty, if anything goes wrong, simply contact our customer service team and they will handle everything. To top everything off, when your job is complete, your dream space will be photographed so we can show it off to everyone and possibly submit it for local and national awards! As a client of KBF by Audi, you are part of our family, and long after your project is over, we are here for you. When you become part of the Audi family, you are family forever!

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